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The Towel Keep


"My kids are towel thieves and they "never know whose is whose." These little clips eliminate that issue!"

Jake Barle

Verified buyer

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Don't let your family mix up their towels again!

Introducing the Travel Towel Keep, your ultimate solution for effortlessly identifying your towels. It's like a personalized name tag for every member of your family, designed to make towel management a breeze. Crafted from lightweight yet durable plastic, it won't interfere with your drying experience. Equipped with a secure grip and extra teeth for added strength, you can trust that your Towel Keep will remain firmly in place, even when subjected to heavy use.



Are you ready to make an eco-conscious choice during your next journey? The Travel Towel Keep offers a straightforward approach to minimizing water and detergent consumption during your hotel stays. By using fewer towels, you can take pride in knowing that you're contributing to a greener planet. Join the movement towards sustainability with Travel Towel Keep!

Efficiency in a Compact Package is what the Towel Keep is all about. Measuring just 1" x 2", the Keep is so discreet that you won't even notice it while drying off. Plus, it comes with a breathable mesh carrying bag for your convenience.

Proudly Made in the USA

Easy Identification: Available in six unique color options, ensuring that each family member can have their designated color. Quickly identify your bath and beach towels with ease. The mesh carrying bag allows you to keep your tags organized and ensures they dry out after use. Their compact size allows for versatile storage.

Lightweight: The Towel Keep boasts a lightweight yet robust plastic construction that won't disrupt your drying routine, whether after a shower or a dip in the pool.

Strong Grip: Designed for a secure hold, the Towel Keep features additional teeth for added strength, yet it can be quickly released when needed.

Durable: This solid construction can withstand whatever your family throws at it, and it's proudly made in the USA.

Reduce Towel Usage: By easily identifying your towels, you can conserve water and reduce the number of towels laundered, both at hotels and at home. Make a conscious choice to reuse your towels, setting an example for your family and contributing to a greener planet.

Compact: Measuring a mere 1"x2", the Keep remains virtually unnoticeable when attached to your towels. The same goes for packing them in your toiletry bag or carry-on, making them a convenient travel companion.

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A Color for Everyone

Choose from a variety of six colors, enabling each family member to designate their own for easy identification of your bath and beach towels.

Family time is the priority

Don't let towel confusion dampen your beach day. Our towel keep makes family fun - hassle-free!

Lightweight & Convenient

Always have a towel clip handy, no matter where you go. Each pack has 6 clips in assorted colors that won't add unnecessary weight to your luggage.

Compare the Options

Comparing and see why the Towel Keep is the easy solution to meet your needs.

Our Product
Each Towel Keep purchase features six colorful towel clips neatly arranged with a travel bag included for easy portability.
Clothes Pins
Plastic Name Tag
Beach Towel Clips
Heavy Duty ABS
Rust Proof
Color Identification
No Moving Parts
Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Freddy D. Bonilla
Life hack!

Best thing when you have little ones who have the same towels and you dont want to break the bank having them embroidered. Also works well for pool days and traveling in general. Stays on when placed but very easy to remove. Come with a pouch to travel with! Definitely recommend!!

Pastor Samsonite
Great for knowing whose towel is whose.

Initial impressions:
I got this for my family because we were always fighting over which towel was whose.
It works great and really holds onto the towel well.
It is fairly thick plastic and not flimsy.

The good:
Light weight, holds on well, you dont have to worry about it coming off while using it. I really appreciate them. You can put an initial on them so there is a second identification of whose is whose.

The bad:
I have no objections. They are fairy inexpensive and do the job they are supposed to do.

Final word: I would say if your family fights over towels like mine does, get it you can thank me later. __

Michael Medlin
They're 3D printed, how cool!

What a great idea! We have a travel trailer and typically have 4 towels hanging. I've been trying to keep up with whose towel was where and keep them straight, but this is way better. Again, this is a simple, but great idea!

When we first brought the Towel Keep to the market, they were in fact 3D printed - in our home. However, at this time, we are producing them in high strength ABS plastic in St Croix Falls, WI.
We are finding this to be a stronger product with a tighter grip. Plus they are far more heat tolerant than the printed product.
Thanks for reaching out with your review.

Sid Sidley
Smart & simple = great!

The Towel Keeps are a great addition to any travel kit. They are easy to pack & easy to use, a perfect solution for families sized 2 or more. The build quality is solid, so they’ll last a lifetime. They also make great gifts, too.

Albert LeBaron
Helpful for life families

We have a total of 6 kids, and the towel keep saves us on laundry! My only gripe is they need more colors.

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