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Towel Keep FAQ

The Towel Keep is very user friendly and should simply be slid onto your towel. 

Please visit our How to Use page for more information.

  1. Let your family express their individual style by selecting their desired color.
  2. Place the Tag on your chosen towel. The Tag works best located on any side of the towel.
  3. The Tag will stay in place, so use your towel as normal.
  4. Hang towel with the Tag visible to traveling companions.
  5. Store the Tags in the included travel sack and place in your toiletry bag or luggage.

**Remove Travel Towel Tag before washing or drying towels

We do not recommend that you put the Towel Keeps through the laundry. With the high heat of a dryer, the plastic of the Towel Keep will loose its ability to adequately clamp down on your towels.

No. Through regular use there will be no discoloration from the Towel Keeps to your towels.

The Towel Keeps are made in Stillwater, MN USA.

Unfortunately, we do not have individual pieces and colors available for purchase.

Currently we are working on some different options - but everyone loves the combination that we have now.

The Towel Keep tags each are 1" x 2" x .5"

Whereas the Towel Keep was designed to keep order and identify your towel, far be it for us to tell you how and where you use it. If you find an additional use, we'd love to see some pictures.

There are 6 Towel Keeps per pack.

From time to time you may find a need to clean your Towel Keeps. Do so as you would your hands; warm water and soap does the trick.

Your order will come with a handy mesh travel bag. We have always kept it in our toiletry bag but you can always place it in your carry-on or luggage.

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