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The Glasses Keep


"These glasses holders are great!!! What a brilliant product! These are so small and discrete, yet so useful."

Diana Gil

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Sounds silly to say, but the Glasses Keep are something that I absolutely can't live without. I designed and fabricated these so that I would always know where my protective eyewear was in my workshop. But then I realized that I needed them all around the house and office to hold sunglasses and readers.

Where will you use them?

Get organized with the Gearu Glasses Holder!

Never again search for your glasses in your home, office or workshop. Whether you're looking for a reliable place to store your sunglasses, prescription glasses or reading glasses, this holder is the perfect solution to keep your glasses organized.

Born out of Necessity

With its origins in the woodworking workshop, where protective eyewear is always needed but never where you need it to be, this simple design became the solution to convenience and safety. With the compact holder adhered to each work station, your protective eyewear is always exactly where it should be. This will not only saved possible injury but will save time otherwise spent hunting around the shop for those missing glasses. And what was useful in the shop has now become invaluable in the home; holding readers by the bed side, blue light glasses on the office monitor, magnification glasses at the fly tying bench and cheaters on the dash of the car. You simply cannot have enough of them!

Small, simple, and effective

The compact, innovative design keeps your eyewear neatly stored in one place and makes it easy to find when you need them. With the Glasses Keep you'll never have to worry about cluttered surfaces and can enjoy a mess-free home, office or workshop.

Get your Gearu Glasses Keep today and keep your glasses always within reach!

Convenience: The Glasses Keep eyeglass holder solves the clutter of having glasses laying all over your home. Make this eye glass holder your new choice and replace those outdated glasses holder for desk and glasses holder for nightstand.

Compact: Under 1" x 1" in size they are small enough to hide in plain sight yet always exactly where you want them to be. Replace those awkward eye glasses holders stand with the Glasses Keep.

Hang Anywhere: With 8 holders per pack you can hang your glasses exactly where you need them. Place one on your car dash for reading glasses, and one beside your power tools in the workshop to always have a set of protective glasses when needed. And don't forget about the desk; adhere one to the side of your computer monitor so that your readers or blue light glasses are within reach. The options are endless!

Strong Adhesive: Whether you're placing the Glasses Keep on a miter saw or a computer monitor, these holders will stay attached without fail. Securely hold your protective glasses in the workshop or by the phone or nightstand.

Multiple Colors: Comes with 4 black, 2 white, 2 grey Glasses Keep to match with all your surroundings.

Pen Compatible Side: Both sides of the Glasses Keep are tapered to allow for pens, sharpies or mechanical pencils that have a clip to easily attach for added convenience.

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Hang Your Glasses Anywhere, Anytime

Convenience, compactness, and versatility - that's what the Gearu Glasses Keep offers. This eyeglass holder prevents clutter by storing your sunglasses & prescription glasses.

Convenient Attachment

With eight holders per pack, you can hang your glasses wherever you need them. From your car dashboard to your workshop, keep protective glasses within easy reach.

Multi Use

Tapered sides on both ends of the Glasses Keep enable you to attach pens, sharpies, or mechanical pencils with clips for added convenience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
My glasses are always where I can reach them

My nightstand got very crowded. I had to get a CPAP machine consequently, no room for my glasses and then I found this product which I think is genius. I have one on my nightstand one on my vanity one on my desk one in my kitchen now I know where all my glasses are Im very pleased.

Joslyn SL
Great glasses keeper

My husband was always losing his reading glasses, and these little gadgets have been very helpful! I placed them at several strategic spots, and now he knows where his 3 remaining reading glasses are... I also use one for my computer glasses (blue light glasses) next to my desk, and it is a nice space saver as well.

Peeling off the red protective sheet off the adhesive can be a challenge on some of them, but it is worth the effort! The adhesive is strong and it stays on really nicely.

Teresa Vaughn

Thick and a strong adhesive. Would definitely buy again when I order more glasses!

Liz F
Super handy product

These eyeglass holders are the greatest idea since, well, you know . . . I hang them inside the doors on my kitchen and bathroom cabinets and vanities so they are out of sight and totally protected to stay clean and scratch-free

So far they appear to adhere just fine, I couldnt be happier with them - they are a really inexpensive way to protect very expensive eyeglasses while keeping them handy at the same time - perfect

D. Trails
Simple design great concept.

Who knew you needed these? What a clever idea. So simple and yet so effective.

I have so many different pair of glasses one for reading one for distance, sunglasses. Because I switch off between my distance and close up glasses its nice to stick one of these folders on the back of my end table to hold the pair Im not wearing.

A very great idea was offering these in different colors. Im going to use the black ones for inside our black cars, the white ones for my dressers in the bedrooms.

I think youd be surprised how much youd use these.

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