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Seatbelt Catcher FAQ

The Seatbelt Catcher comes in 3 sizes and when used can increase your reach by 7", 8" or 9". This added reach eliminates almost any rotation needed to reach your seatbelt. Hold the Catcher by the handle and reach for the seatbelt. Point the hook portion of the Catcher towards the seatbelt to ensure an easy catch. Catch the seatbelt by bringing it past the seatbelt's hanging position and then pulling the Seatbelt Catcher in a motion across your body. Further explanations can be found on our How to Use page.

Absolutely. The Seatbelt Catcher is made from high-quality ABS plastic that ensure durability and long-lasting performance.
Here you can see a Youtube video showing the Seatbelt Catcher heat resistance and weight tolerance here.

The Seatbelt Catcher is made out of high quality ABS plastic. ABS plastic will begin to loose its shape and melt at 221° Fahrenheit. Compare this to the 145° that the inside of a car can get in 100° weather.

Yes, the Seatbelt Catcher is designed to be compatible with seatbelt in all types of vehicles. The Seatbelt Catcher is great for the driver or passenger side, rear seat passengers, and even on busses and trains.

The Seatbelt Catcher, unlike other seatbelt assists on the market, does not require any installation. The Seatbelt Catcher is there when you need it and never in the way when you don't.

No, the Seatbelt Catcher does not interfere with the effectiveness of your seatbelt. It is designed to enhance the convenience and comfort of fastening your seatbelt without compromising safety.

Yes, the Seatbelt Catcher is specifically designed to assist individuals with limited mobility or disabilities, making it easier for all to reach and secure their seatbelt. 

The Seatbelt Catcher does not require any adjustment as it is designed to work with the standard position of the seatbelt buckle in most vehicles. Each set comes with 3 different lengths (7", 8" and 9") to best meet your needs.  We suggest that you try each length and determine which size best meets your specific needs; then place the other sizes in other vehicles or share with friends or family.

Yes, the Seatbelt Catcher is designed to accommodate various body sizes and shapes, providing a comfortable grip for users of all different proportions.

Yes, the Seatbelt Catcher is designed to be operated with one hand, providing convenience for individuals with limited dexterity.

The Seatbelt Catcher is extremely compact and stores anywhere in your vehicle. Our customers find it most convenient to store the Seatbelt Catcher in the car door map pocket (since we don't use maps anymore, my kids call it a side pocket) or the center console compartment.

Yes, the Seatbelt Catcher can be used by both the driver and passengers in the vehicle, providing convenience and comfort for all occupants.

No, the Seatbelt Catcher does not interfere with the normal retraction of the seatbelt.

No, the Seatbelt Catcher is not designed for use with child car seats. It is intended for regular seatbelt use by adults.

Yes, the Seatbelt Catcher is designed to withstand various weather conditions and temperature ranges.

Absolutely, the Seatbelt Catcher can be moved to any vehicle. Each order comes with 3 different sizes in each pack (7", 8" & 9") you can have one in every car or share them with friends or family.

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