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How to use the Seatbelt Catcher

Using the Seatbelt Catcher is a simple and straightforward process. Follow the steps below to ensure a proper and effective usage of this innovative tool.

Know your Tool

The Seatbelt Catcher comes in 3 convenient sizes; 7", 8" and 9". Select the Seatbelt Catcher that best fits your unique needs. Grasp the Seatbelt Catcher by the handle and begin by locating your seatbelt in your vehicle. This is a simple and seemingly obvious step but each vehicle is different as is the point of origination of the seatbelt.

Hook the Seatbelt

Extend with the Seatbelt Catcher™ towards the seatbelt. Do this at your own pace, without exerting excessive force or straining your neck, back, or arms. Hooking the seatbelt is easily done if you hold the Seatbelt Catcher™ so that the open portion or hook end is pointing away from you. This way the tip will easily slide between your seatbelt and the interior wall of the vehicle.

Pull the Seatbelt

After the seatbelt is in the hook of the catcher, gently pull the Seatbelt Catcher™ towards you. Pull the Seatbelt Catcher™ across your chest and when convenient, grab the seatbelt with your free hand.

Click the Seatbelt

Once you have successfully grasped the seatbelt, insert it into the seatbelt buckle until you hear or feel a satisfying click. This indicates that the seatbelt is securely fastened.

Store the Seatbelt Catcher™

After securely fastening your seatbelt, safely store the Seatbelt Catcher until your next journey.

*** Remember, the Seatbelt Catcher is designed to make the seatbelt fastening process more convenient, comfortable, and safe for individuals with neck, back, or arm pain. Always ensure that the Seatbelt Catcher is properly stowed away before driving.

Enjoy the freedom of effortless seatbelt buckling with the Seatbelt Catcher. Stay safe on the road while reducing strain and discomfort.

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