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Pencil Keep


"These glasses holders are great!!! What a brilliant product! These are so small and discrete, yet so useful."

Diana Gil

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Don't waste time searching for a pencil again. Keep your pencils in reach & organized with the Pencil Keep. Our strong adhesive backing makes it easy to mount on any surface or machinery. Keep them where you need them so they're always within reach.

Where will you use them?

With 6 holders in each pack, you can say goodbye to that unreliable retractable holder or gimmicky helmet or hat mounts. Keep your carpenter pencils, pencils, and pens in one secure spot with our two internal flaps that provide an unbeatable grip. Get the convenience and dependability of the Pencil Keep and always be ready for your project!

Safe and Convenient: 6-pack pencil holder, Adhear to every tool in your workshop to have easy access to pencils and pens. Don't take the risk with a distracting retractable carpenter pencil holder that can get caught in equipment.

Non-Slip Hold: Two flexible flaps ensure a secure hold that will not fail you when you need it. WiIl hold all carpentry pencils regardless of length. No pen pull to struggle with.

Versatile: The adhesive pencil holder can be applied to any surface, such as toolboxes, miter stations, table saws, and cabinets. Anyplace you need your pencils or pens is a great place for the Pencil Keep. Designed to hold all carpenter and woodworking pencils. Also compatible with #2 pencils and pens or Sharpies with pencil clips.

Heavy Duty: 6 Durable PLA plastic (3D Printed) pencil holders with aggressive VHB adhesive. Includes two alcohol wipes for secure mounting.

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Always Know Where Your Pencils Are

The heavy-duty adhesive ensures your carpenter pencils are readily accessible at all times, eliminating the frustration of searching for them.

Non-Slip Secure Hold

With two flexible flaps, you're guaranteed a secure, fail-proof hold. They adapt to carpentry pencils of various lengths, eliminating the hassle of frequent adjustments.

Multi-Purpose Mounting

Stick these adhesive pencil holders on toolboxes, miter stations, table saws, or cabinets. Anywhere you need pencils or pens (or scissors and screwdrivers!) Pencil Keep is up to the task, accommodating various writing tools.

Compare Your Options

Compare and see why the Pencil Keep is the easy solution to meet your needs.

Our Product Retractable Holder Hat Clip Magnetic Pencil Holder
Mounts to all Surfaces Sticks to each tool
6 Pieces Set 6 pieces per set
Strong Adhesive Heavy duty 3M
Multiple Pen/Pencils Each holds up to 3
Heavy Duty ABS Extremely durable
Vibrant Color Easy to spot in shop

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

These are real nice. There are six in the box and I used four of them to go by my lathe, my bandsaw, my drill press, and my belt sander because we all know that every time we need a pencil there's not one to be found anywhere in the shop. I hung on to the remaining two in case I find other locations where the pencils will come in handy. I don't know how they will hold up in the long term with a lot of use, but if they begin to fail to hold the pencils I'll revise my review, otherwise... five stars for an ingenious little workshop helper.

LA Bass
Wow! I didn't know I needed this until I used it!

If you work with lumber, you know about those marvelous flat pencils that don't roll whn you put them down. Here's a great way to find and keep them in one place.
Upon examination, they are made with a 3D printer and done well! Each one is a gem with just the right amount of flexibility. They come with 3M adhesive tabs to stick them where they are needed. I put one on my Worx Pegasus.

Love the review, and your images.
This is exactly why I developed these little guys. I was constantly loosing my pencil when in the shop or using my portable saw. Nothing more convenient than having your pencil exactly where you need it. Every one of my shop tools and stations now has one.

Kat V.
Organizing a messy shop

If you're like me and struggling to stay organized, these help a lot! I've stuck them everywhere and anywhere I use carpenter pencils and now I'm not scrambling to find one all the time. I used to go through a pack a week because I'd lose them, or they'd go through the wash in my pocket. Now I have these pencil stations, which I've tied the pencils to with a bit of string, and no more missing pencils! Brilliant. The adhesive is holding up well, they're plenty sticky

Great idea, just wish they were a bit more heavy duty

First off, this is a fantastic idea. Anytime I'm working on something in my basement workshop, I feel like I spend half my time trying to find where I put the pencil I was just holding. I stuck one of these on each my main tools and put its own pencil there, and now there's always one right where I need it! It's been a few weeks and it's been working out great!

Just a note, it says its for carpenter pencils, but I prefer to use #2 pencils for marking and they fit just fine.

The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that they're 3D printed and the clips that hold the pencil in feel very delicate - none have broken so far, but I'm not sure they'll stand up to repeated use for a long time... and they're fairly expensive for what they are to have to replace them often. We'll see how they hold up.

Scott Hedrick
Not a complicated product

It may not be much, but it's definitely going to make working in my workshop easier. I'm constantly losing pencils. I know it's my own fault, but that doesn't make finding lots of partially used pencils any less annoying, especially right after I sharpened a new one. Being bright orange means I can put them in strategic places, and I will add checking them to my monthly maintenance list. I can instantly see where they are supposed to be, which will make finding them easier. I'll also start using orange pencils, so I can see if I put them back. Something so simple makes the job so much easier. I suspect I'll order more, so I can put some in the worktrucks as well.

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